365 My Life

Have you ever said or wondered, how did I get here? Is it even worth moving forward with goals, checklist, or life? 365 My Life was birth out of that same despair when Shimira Cole decided to give life another shot. But how? She was the Queen of achieving goals, but never learned how to plan out her life. The thought of failing 'again' and unsuccessfulness crowded her mind as missed opportunities seemed so far away.

After reading a few self-help books, watching motivational videos, and gaining a lot of Godly alone time, she changed the course of her life in 365 days!

365 My Life isn't only about getting your life back on track and planning out your goals, it teaches you how to break bad habits, to be consistent, and how to navigate life's ups and downs.

We all tend to focus on one life aspiration, but 365 My Life will train you to organize your life in three categories so you do not neglect the other areas of your life. Also, it encourages you to live in the present/moment while automatically planning for the future.

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