Book Review | Designed For More by Lucas Ramirez with Mike Devito

Designed For More

by Lucas Ramirez with Mike Devito

This book was a nice read, especially in today’s fast pace society. I liked how the author outlined how the church has changed from creating a community to promoting and competing with each other. As a Christian author who is strongly involved in churches, Christian organizations, and more, I understand that community building has fallen from the cracks from time to time. I remember watching a sermon of a pastor who said, if you are a member online, and in this church, this prayer is for you.” I immediately felt out of place and not worthy to affirm the prayer over my life. However, I know God, and whatever I claim will not fall on deaf ears. So when the author spoke about God’s people needing to build unity, this inspired me. The chapter ‘playground’ was the number one thing that strikes me. Maybe because I was introduced to the same thoughts as Lucas’s daughter. At such a young age, she knew what she wanted and why she wanted it, she wanted to play at the small playground rather than the bigger one that had better stuff. I recently had gone through this experience when I started working at Netflix. Working at Netflix is a dream come true because they provide you with all sorts of perks.

Designed For More | Shimira Cole
Designed For More | reviewed by Shimira Cole

The major one is they feed their employees with breakfast and lunch, and you can take food home for dinner. Ice cream, snacks, lunch, sandwiches, chips (All healthy of course). I was ecstatic at first, but then I became overly uncomfortable, and I gained a few pounds. Let’s just say, the bigger playground didn’t make me feel the same as the smaller playground where I had to use my imagination as in buying and eating what I liked.


The reason why I chose to review the book, Designed  For More, is because the character from my newly released novel, THE REVELATION BEGINS, can relate to wanting more in life and feeling as if God designed him for MORE. Therefore, the book starts off with him going to his boss’s office to ask for an overdue promotion. As Wellington explores his inner desires to make himself great in everyone’s eyes, he neglects the most important thing; God’s vision and direction for his life. How many times have we taken God’s calling, and made it something, but what God said it was? Believe me, I have many times until I got a revelation while working at a company, where I thought God gave me the job to do THIS and to do THAT. BIG plans. And when everything came crashing down on me, I felt God say to me, it was just a job to pay your bills, not to do this and not to do that.


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