Book Review | Win  From Within By John W. Gray

Win  From Within

By John W. Gray


Win From Within came just in time when I began to feel lost in this constant emotional roller coaster of God’s calling. The chapter  Dreams and Ladders really touched me as I began to think of past situations when I thought everything was going bad or things weren’t adding up to now thinking how every pain, step, and struggle that I have been through only prepared me for this moment right now. The moment of taking on more responsibility, to developing tougher skin, and to know what makes me tick and what makes me be still.Win from within | Book review

I have always believed that one’s tongue is very powerful, and the bible demonstrates this multiple time. Any thing you ask or say, God will reveal to you at the right time. He plans our path, and even though the World may intervene, God knows who we are meant to be in His name. Therefore, may it clear that you’re working in the favor of God, and not in the favor of the enemy’s name.

This reminds me of Wellington’s journey in the Revelation Begins. When it seemed as if everyone was leaving him, he became depressed and stuck inside of his own pain. However, his mother spoke to him on a spiritual level that opened his eyes and pushed him to win from within. Wellington began to examine God’s calling on his life, and to embraced what it really means to go after it despite the disability he may have or face. Are you going after God’s calling? If so, are you preparing your inner self for the journey?

The author of Win From Within used Jacob as an example, which was brilliant because Jacob sort of struggled with the calling on his life. For obvious reason, it didn’t belong to him. The author outlined how Jacob won victory over his fear, anxiety, and doubt in simple stages.

Have you won within? If so tell me or tell me how you plan to win and overcome life hardships.

This was a great read, and I am adding this to my bookstore for $5.00

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  • Jasmin
    June 29, 2019 - 6:58 am · Reply

    I win from within when I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and not look to others to affirm what I’m doing or listening to the “mind chatter” trying to talk me out of doing something. I’m at a place where I want to move forward with my calling but sometimes battle with doubt and insecure thoughts. It is through trusting the Lord and his leading that will help me win

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