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My daughter contracted the virus. Immediately, she reached for me, but I couldn’t hold her or pick her up. Her eyes watered as the thought of death looped constantly in her mind. Then my son contracted the virus too. I considered him the brave one, but he, too, looked to me for help. A parent’s worst nightmare is not being able to save their child when they need it most. They say this virus is contagious and it will cause death on anyone healthy and old who indulges in it. However, I am stronger, I am mighty, and I am the Messiah who laid down His life on the cross for the biggest virus of all, sin. 


I wanted to remind you that Jesus already defeated the biggest virus, which is sin. In my previous newsletter, I explained how sin is just like this worldly virus, but it’s spiritual. Even though we have seen multiple reports of people dying at a rapid rate, I want to share how important it is to abide by God’s word when it speaks about plagues in ancient times. This is nothing new, whether man-made or earthly-made, God warns his children to have, to search and to love wisdom at all times.


Isaiah 26:20 “Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind have; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.”


Even though the world is on lock down, I believe this is an opportunity to reset our life. Personally, ever since I moved to Los Angeles, my eating habits became slim even though I ate healthy. When I had to stock up for the lock down, I had the time to reintroduce myself to former foods that I used to enjoy eating while growing up. The hustle and bustle in a big city made grabs and goes my meals in lines, breaks, or while driving (don’t do that). 


Jesus is Lord | Shimira Cole's blog

Is God allowing you to reset your life? I used to crave Starbuck’s Chi-Tea Latte, which became alarming at some point. Not just because its logo is a goddess, but I would leave my home early morning or late nights to walk a block to get it. This 40 Days lock down is breaking unnecessary spending, worshiping, and mental habits. 

Do you feel stuck? A few weeks ago, I felt like an Israelite walking between the walls of the Red Sea to get to the next destination. Some of us got laid off, family members are sick, or are recovering from sickness, and do not know how life will be after this whole pandemic is over. Everyone is taking this same journey, and no one has the answers. Let’e keep our eyes on heavenly things and God will direct our foot steps.

Let me reassure you that the whole pandemic disaster, whether man-made or earthly-made, is another

Genesis 50:20 “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good… “

I believe God will use this time to uncover a lot of darkness in mankind’s heart. There are millions of  missing children in the world. Thousands in the United States. This virus will force predators to seek help, and it will set victims free. Let’s not forget them in our prayers. 

Luke 8:17 Nothing is hidden that won’t be exposed. Nor is anything concealed that won’t be made known and brought to the light.

Let’s do our part this Passover weekend, especially during this unique time in history that the entire world is experiencing, and spend time with God. Pray and fast and learn something new about God.

 Maybe you need to reset your relationship with Christ? What if the Revelation is beginning? Or has Begun? 


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