Let me tell you something here. If you need to give yourself a motivating talk, then you need to read a book by Joel Osteen. While reading this book, I immediately felt my spirit grow bigger and better. This book was so easy to read, it had a rhythm that never ends until you force yourself to stop. It actually sounds like Joel is inside of your head cheering you along the way and preaching to your insecurities. The chapter Move Up to The Next Level is an eye-opener for me. For a year now I’ve been struggling with the thought, How do I move up? Either in my career, relationships, or passion, how do I break through the glass door? This book only reminds me that God wants us to think BIG and He wants us to MOVE, but not without him. Read More

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Every month I receive a handful of books to review, and even though I would love to keep them all, my bookcase is overflowing. So, I decided to sell my review copies for only $5 added on to your copy of The Revelation Begins. There’s only one copy available of the review books, so first come first served.


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