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Remarkable Hope by Shauna Letellier | Shimira Cole's Book Review

by Shauna Letellier

Reviewed by Shimira
I read Remarkable Hope and I loved how it was written. Each chapter starts off with a story in the bible, resembling the chapter theme, and then continues to an exaggerated/detailed story in the bible. The chapter, Despairing Hope, drew me in the most. It was about the Jarius whose daughter was dying, but Jesus stepped in and healed her.
The daughter has been sick for a while and when she was about to die, Jesus happened to be in town. The despairing hope comes into play when Jairus and his wife watched their daughter breathe her last breath and they had no clue if Jesus would step in to help. They had hope, but it began to fade away.
At the end of The Mercy Tree, Wellington’s hope began to fade too. He basically felt God hated him and Wellington saw no future for himself. However, one thing happened that became a wildfire in his heart. God’s definition of life and death didn’t compare to what Wellington’s imagined death and life.
Do you have despairing hope? If so, how are you dealing with it or have God stepped in and intervene?
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