You may find an error or too …oops! Two (LOL) and I am perfectly okay with it. I wrote and rewrote The Revelation Begins so much so that I probably could recite it word for word. I had all types of editors change one or two sentences, and then another editor changes them back. I had to come to terms with the fact that I had put my trust in wannabes or so-called editors who didn’t take the time to edit The Revelation Begins. The process of writing this piece, bringing it to publication, and all that happened in between, taught me a lot of lessons. Some invaluable life lessons don’t come to you by chance but by experience, I do not want experience to be your teacher in this regard and so I am willing to share two invaluable lessons from my small wealth of experience (Lol):  

Lesson one: For the fact that they call themselves editors, doesn’t mean they are all editors in the strict professional sense of it. Anyone can make a website and post editing service ads on forums, to make $600 fast cash. And that was how some so-called editors took my money without doing anything significant. To make matters worse, I think most of the editors that I encountered took advantage of my ignorance of the writing process and collected (basically) free coins for little or no work done. \

Please understand that I was grateful to find a development editor at Blue Writer, who did a wonderful job. However, because I was ignorant to the writing process, I paid for development editing twice (hmmm). I have spent bucks which I shouldn’t have spent (I was only paying for my ignorance though, LOL)

By the time I discovered this, I was over budget and was ready to bury the book under my scripts. However, God has a way of bringing victory to your footstep. I basically had to start over with the process, and offer trade services to Beta readers (Some errors were still missed) However, the reviews that I received  about The Revelation Begins soothed my spirit.

Lesson Two: I attended book fairs and heard stories similar to mine, and for the first time, I felt I wasn’t alone in this writing process. For people who want to write a book or who are almost done, this is the editing process:

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1st Development editor,

2nd Copy editor, and

3rd Proofreader

Do not hire one person that does all, BIG MISTAKE and I am pretty sure they’ve confused themselves. Let me know your process below.

Information is power. Learn these two things about searching for an editor and never pay for your ignorance (at least not in this regard, Lol).



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