Book Review | This is the Season of Angels

By Perry Stone

Reviewed by: Shimira

I believe that I am an Angel. Well, we all should believe that we are tiny angels walking the earth, ready to lay hands on the sick and bless each other in every aspect of our life. When I started to read This is The Season of Angels, I loved how the author outlined how there are different Angels that range from healing angel, dream angel and vision angel, assigned to protect children, and more.

This Season of Angels | Shimira Cole

I remember one time when I was running late to my hairdresser (I hate being late) and when I got to the address that she gave me, I stopped in front of a house. (She lived in an apartment) I figured maybe it was the tall building in the distance, so I got out of my car and walked. Standing in the middle of the street, I turned around and saw a toddler dashing down the drive to the street. The gate was open, and in his mind, this was his chance to play hide and seek outside of the yard. However, on the other side of the fence, two people jumped into their SUV. If you could see me, I exactly knew at that moment, God was using me to stop a travesty. I slowly walked to the edge of the young boy’s yard and he stopped and put his back against the fence. Two minutes later, his mother comes running towards us (speaking Spanish) and I gently said, I didn’t want him to get hurt as I pointed next door. At that moment, I went from a stranger trying to kidnap her child to a stranger who became an angel. She stared at me as I got into my car and pulled off.

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I believe that we are assigned to spread the gospel in different ways that will help manifest God’s designed plan. Reading this book, the author has opened my eyes to get to know the angels in the Bible, Gabriel and Michael, and to learn what they are both known for.

In the book The Revelation Begins, I inserted a Character named Joe, who is a prophet or earthly angel who answers Wellington’s questions about the Mercy Tree. Joe guides Wellington’s answers about God’s existence and God’s purpose for mankind while being human to the fact that he too, had to repent for his sins.

Have you had experience with earthly angels? If so, tell me your story below.

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  • Tisha Martin
    May 28, 2019 - 6:08 pm · Reply

    Once when my brother was riding his bicycle down the country road, he accidentally headed for the ravine, but instead of crashing, we saw the front of his bicycle tire lift off the ground, and he and his bike being gently laid down on the grass near the ravine. Not a person-angel, but Angel hands had protected my brother from a serious accident.

    Angels unawares? Yes, indeed.

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