What do Faith without Work is Dead really mean?

 What do Faith without Work is Dead 

Really mean?

I thought of something that had my mind spending last few weeks. The scripture “Faith without Works is Dead.” I am pretty sure you’ve heard pastors preach on this scripture, sharing that in order to make “something” happen in your life, you must have “faith” in God. And not only have the faith, but you must also “work” to get it too. Seem reasonable, right?

What if you’ve been having the faith and you’ve been working hard at the promise that God gave you? However, you do not see any results or a great outcome of the work?

This is how I felt a few weekends ago. If you know my story, you should know that I believe that God has called me to do a task. Now the task is BIG, but God can and will do the impossible with the least of us. Therefore, I believe/believed God. I worked and served at the tables with the most powerful producers in Hollywood. Worked at the most powerful companies and studios. Doors opened for me and I thought I was on God’s course. However, even though I was in aligned with the task that God gave me, everywhere I went or every job I got was like eating crumbs from under the table and not at the table. I worked hard for the most ruthless people that mentally and emotionally abused me to the point that I second-guessed myself and my faith. However, what I was taught in church and what I taught myself was “faith without work is dead” so I continued to eat the crumbs and envisioned myself sitting at the tables. Thankfully, God removed it all and allowed me to regain my confidence and my faith on a unique path.

So why am I writing this? Well, a few weeks ago I questioned if I am on the right path because what God told me is totally different from what I am doing or seeing. Instead of rushing to my computer to apply to multiple entertainment jobs that seem like a step back into my purpose, I started thinking about the task, dream, or calling given to Abraham, Joseph and David. Joseph didn’t yell at his family to bow down to him because of the prophetic dream. (Genesis 37:7-9) David didn’t march into the King’s courtyard and demand Saul to leave once anointed King. Each person accepted God’s calling and went about their life. That simple. However, for us today, not so much. The internet and technology have convinced us that we can make things happen quickly. Therefore, knowing all of this, I went back to the scripture “Faith without Works is Dead” and read it with brand fresh eyes.

In James 2:14-26, it gives various examples of using faith and word together. Faith is the ability and willingness to believe in God, and if you believe in God, then you believe in God’s word. If God called you, or promised something to you, or made a covenant with you, then your faith is believing God and the word of God. Many pastors have this half right. The issue is the word “work” because it can be mis-interrupted into something that isn’t what it means in this passage. nowadays, work means working hard to achieve something that will better you or your life. Therefore, it is easy to preach this to the masses who know God has called them to achieve a goal in life. However, “work” in this context simply means to obey God. To be specific, the commandments. That should definitely take the pressure off of you. It did for me. Even though that is simply said, it is hard to do.

That is why James explains it further. You cannot have belief and not obey God and you can’t obey God and not have belief. Therefore, Faith(belief in God) without Work (obeying God) is dead.

The good news is if God called you, then you do not have to worry about how it will happen. Leave that part up to God. You just need to believe and constantly practice obeying God and he’ll give you your heart desires.

Therefore, even though I ran myself crazy in the entertainment industry, I still got blessings while not being on the track. I met people randomly at stores or gatherings, outside of work that pushed me closer toward the task.

Another example, my cousin who is in his early 60s, moved to Hollywood to produce music for Hollywood stars. This guy never went to a networking event or left his house besides going to church for five years. However, by talking to his neighbor who was a musician for a major 70s singer, he connected him to a few background singers, and now my cousin been rolling into capital records with the singer to help lay down some tracks. This dude never left the front yard of his home and God gave him the desires of his heart because he was faithful and obeyed God.

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