Shimira Cole

Inspiring Award-Winning Author & Filmmaker

Shimira Cole, a writer and director of faith-based content, captures the voices, insights, and lives of minorities across the world. Reflecting her own African-Bahamian descent, THE REVELATION BEGINS encompasses a diverse cast of characters and their spiritual adventure. From a young age, Ms. Cole wrote and directed community projects in her hometown, Virginia Beach, VA.

She wrote/directed a pilot called Why We Pray and wrote a short film called HEAR MY SON which premiered in London, UK. Ms. Cole worked in Hollywood as a development assistant for major Hollywood producers before starting her journey as a Christian fantasy novelist.

THE REVELATION BEGINS… is a book series that provokes faith and gives a glimpse of the end times. Also, Ms. Cole uses emotional elements and thrilling page-turning surprises to capture her readers’ attention while teaching God’s word in the process.

Novel in Progress

Another Earth
31% Complete
18,805 of 60,000 words

Being a person with many talents and aspirations, writing allowed me to become that unimaginable skillful driven human being through the characters that I write.

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    Be sure to check out Shimira Cole's journey via her website: . You can also find out about her book Revelation Begins, too. Check out her blog Post College Rehab and follow her journey via Instagram @shimiracole

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Short Films And TV Pilot

I had the opportunity to showcase some of my directing and writing skills in the videos to the right. Why We Pray was a pilot that I've wrote, directed, and produced in Virginia and with the help of many filmmakers in the community. The concept basically shared how prayer is important and how it should be used in everyday life. Furthermore, I've created Hear My Son during a film bootcamp with Tim Reid and James Avery. James Avery loved it so much, it inspired me to pitch it at Tim Reid's film academy in London, UK.

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Awards And Nominations

I love hearing celebs' stories of how they became who they are today. It can inspire many of us to trust God's path and to bring glory to his word. I've collected a few of my one on one interviews over the past years, since 2011 to present, that touched my heart.

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  • Interview with Ann Nesby


I've been writing stories since elementary school. My first book was about my dog Runt 🙂


I love to read a lot of self-help books or fiction books that are designed to give advice.

Social Girl Studios

I love my computer. I have two desktops, an Ipad, and laptop. I probably had three laptops through out my life. However, I started a marketing agency called Social Girl Studios.


I love going places and learning about new cultures. I've been to Bahamas, London, South Africa, Israel, and China.


I love directing film when I have spare time. I've directed a few projects and I would love to do more.


I've dabbled into blogging for a bit. I started a blog called, Post-College Rehab, years ago.