Why The Revelation Begins?

I believe God gives us bits and pieces of ideas throughout our lives which later turns into a perfect picture. The name The Revelation Begins was given to me five years ago. It was going to be my company’s slogan. However, my company didn’t expand, and the name went floating somewhere in my head. Meanwhile, floating inside of my head were stories like Iconic Women, BAD, and Another Earth— they have been there for almost seven years waiting for me to release them to the world.

It wasn’t until I was working in development for a production company, that I saw a terrible deal that the producer made with an unknown writer.

 The deal involved the producer paying this unknown writer $1 to option his script for a year, and if the script got bought by the studio, the producer said he’ll offer the unknown writer $10,000, and go make the movie for a million. If you think, “well at least the writer gets credit,” then you’re wrong because the producer also told me that he can bring in his own writers that could change the story so much, it’s not the unknown writer’s script anymore.



That was my true introduction to the business of filmmaking. However, when I felt these stories floating in my head would be stuck there forever, a voice popped in my head and said, change them to books. God brought so many confirmations for turning my scripts into books so it can be read by all people forever. I started on my journey to do so. It wasn’t until I finished my first book THE BILLION DOLLAR BABIES, that I felt I needed to start fresh with something that has been burning inside of me; with the mission of spreading the gospel through one or maybe many of my stories.

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This was going to be a journey, and I was so nervous to start. I didn’t know when or where to start, but I knew it had to be done. I met a woman outside of my church one day, and she invited me to lunch. I listened to her talk about her career goals, and I didn’t share anything about my book. When we were about to leave, she mentioned that I didn’t tell her about me or my book (To be honest, I felt as if I shouldn’t share it) So I told her a small plain summary and left out major details. At that moment, she said something that gave me chills. She basically told me about the Mercy Tree and it sat in a young boy’s hand. I was so speechless , and we both teared up as I expressed that she was right on point, and I was debating if Mercy was a tree or a flower. God answered that for me.

Therefore, The Revelation Begins is a novel that represents strength and faith. Even though the main character is a male, the book represents the journey of rediscovering God’s love and His purpose for mankind, while not being ignorant to His law.

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