The Revelation Begins ...

A Man, a Tree, and God

WELLINGTON KOLE, a genius and an office clerk at a botanist industrial company, changes the course of his life when a strange case falls into his hands—Healing Soil. Even though Wellington hopes to become a scientist and to discover a plant species that treats all diseases, the case forces him to choose between his family and career. As a big and bright epidemic becomes more alarming, Wellington must decide to reveal everything that he knows about the Healing Soil case or protect a family secret that may save the world and his family. What will he do?

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The Revelation Begins Vol 1

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The Revelation Begins ...


Finding Mercy

This book isn't just an adventurous tale of how God turns an insecure and self-center boy life upside down, but it teaches us the gift of mercy, and how (so often) we neglect it. It's true that the act of humbleness and mercy will move mountains and change lives. So asked yourself this, do I seek God's mercy in life today?

Having Faith

We all have heard that faith can move mountains, but do we really believe so? Wellington struggled with this thinking for eleven years even when miraculous signs happened right in front of him. Just like Wellington, we see God's signs every day, but still, fear creeps into our mind. So I ask you this, have God pulled you out of a predicament, and do you use that as an example to overcome fear?

Getting Saved

Ever since the name "MiraCole Media" popped into my head fourteen years ago, the next thought was "to spread the gospel." Therefore, let's recognize that we need a savior and that savior is Jesus Christ. I encourage you to take the first step, like Wellington, and to dedicate or rededicate your life to Christ. It won't be easy, but God works every wrinkle and patch every hole along the way. What do you say?

Shimira Cole

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Producer

Shimira Cole, a writer and director of faith-based works, captures the voices, insights, and lives of minorities across the world. Reflecting her own African-Bahamian descent, THE REVELATION BEGINS encompasses a diverse cast of characters and their spiritual adventure.

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