Next Level Thinking

Next Level Thinking

By Joel Osteen


Let me tell you something here. If you need to give yourself a motivating talk, then you need to read a book by Joel Osteen. While reading this book, I immediately felt my spirit grow bigger and better. This book was so easy to read, it had a rhythm that never ends until you force yourself to stop. It actually sounds like Joel is inside of your head cheering you along the way and preaching to your insecurities. The chapter Move Up to The Next Level is an eye-opener for me. For a year now I’ve been struggling with the thought, How do I move up? Either in my career, relationships, or passion, how do I break through the glass door? This book only reminds me that God wants us to think BIG and He wants us to MOVE, but not without him.

Joel discusses that in order for us to think differently, we need to eliminate habits that cause us to stay at a smaller level of thinking. If you want that BIG job, claim that big job. If you want an increase in finance, claim that promotion. If you want that a soulmate, claim it! Stop negative strongholds that hold you back from thinking big and taking you to the next level.

This reminds me of WELLINGTON KOLE in the newly released book The Revelation Begins when he had to take God’s promise to him and start professing that it was his purpose to pursue the Mercy Tree. This was hard for Wellington, especially when he thought being at Pharmaceutical Plant Discovery was his destination. However, it wasn’t.  His ongoing destination was spreading God’s presence to the broken. Once Wellington stopped feeling sorry for himself, he wiped away the fears and became one of God’s elite.

Do you have a promise that you’re working towards? Are you thinking NEXT LEVEL? Leave your thoughts below.


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