Book Review | Stepping Up

By Johnny Mcgowan

Reviewed by Shimira
Stepping Up by Johnny Mcgowan | Shimira Cole's Book ReviewStepping Out is such a great book! It’s so good that it’s not for sell on my blog. Sorry, get your own. Johnny definitely hit a lot of good points. The Chapter, Understanding your Position, totally spoke to me because for the past two years, I have found myself in a constant transition from job, family, friends and more.
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However, in each chapter, he gives sub-points likes Stepping Out on Faith, what happens in the tent and more. It reminds me how Wellington in the Mercy Tree, finally realized his position in God’s kingdom. It was scary at first, but once he stepped out on faith and embraced God’s calling, he began to comprehend things differently, which is a good thing.
Do you know your position in life? If so, leave a comment telling me more about it.

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